London Grammar “Rooting For You” (Ministry of Sound/Metal & Dust Recordings, 2017)

Let the goosebumps rise, and give into the unearthly, unwavering feelings of cathedral-like space when hitting play on this stunning track from London Grammar. We’ve been waiting a long time at The Broken Chord for new work from this British trio, and the wait was worth every second of this short 4-minute single “Rooting For You”.

Vocalist Hannah Reid, Guitarist Dan Rothman and Keyboardist/Drummer Dominic “Dot” Major truly deliver something special to the electro/dream pop scene. Their classic sound being low & blanketing strings mixed with stable beats, bright shimmery guitars, reverb-laced vocals and an utterly enveloping synth-pad. Stirring, to say the least.

London Grammar-S.jpg

Reid, the group’s vocalist, has a distinct and cutting voice…a sweet mélange of Annie Lennox & Florence Welch, of which many of have made similar comparisons.  Her tones, melodies and dancing lines are smooth-as-butter, and aged beyond her years. We have likened this track’s vocals to walking through a misty fog in a cedar forest…magical and strong.

This particular song features an incredible amount of range that lay hidden in her voice until now, with the unmistakable melody line “It is only you, you are the only thing I’ve ever truly known…and my darlin’, I’ll be rooting for you”

London Grammar fans are anxiously and almost painfully awaiting word on the next full-length album…but with this little slice of Heaven told grasp onto in the meantime, we can hold our breath a little longer.


To purchase “Metal & Dust: EP” or “If You Wait” + Remix Album, find on iTunes.