MUTEMATH “Vitals” (Wojtek Records, 2015)

Infectious, soaring, hopeful and inspiring, MUTEMATH’s self-produced 4th studio album “Vitals” packs a mighty electro-punch, but also brings forward feelings of longing and softness.

It’s not every day a band is able to juggle so many emotional spheres within such simple and perfected writing, but MUTEMATH’s writing and musical capacity make them truly a diamond in the rough in today’s alt-pop scene.

Formed in 2003, hailing from New Orleans, MUTEMATH is now Paul Meaney (vocals, keys), Darren King (drums), Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas (bass) & Todd Gummerman (guitars)–although not one member is tied down to his instrument–they all play a little of everything, contributing to the band’s overall strength and writing prowess.


“Vitals” is a superb synth-focused, electronica-pop masterpiece, filled with stand-out, radio-friendly & instrumental-only tracks: a true mélange of high calibre musical ideas with sophisticated execution. Their debut singles: “Monument” & “Used To” are both catchy and singable, guaranteed to sound amazing on full-volume.  Meaney’s vocals are confident on this album, soaring and cutting above the many layers supporting the individual tracks on “Joy Rides”, “Stratosphere” and “Best of Intentions”— and on “All I see”, “Composed” and “Remain” draping the lyrics in warmth and humanity.

Instrumental-only “Vitals” (title track) and the undeniably badass “Bulletproof” only further solidify this band’s talent: each electronic blip, delay, echo, drum beat, keyboard melody and manipulation is hand-crafted and constructed by them. Again, a rarity amongst today’s pre-made and fabricated electronic music…which only leaves me with the question: why isn’t this group of musicians known the world over?? Although they are known for their tenacity and creativity with music videos and wildly physical live performances, this band is huge within a smaller niche-market…what will it take for them to break out onto the next level of popularity? It would be a well-deserved achievement, to say the least.


Long-time listeners looking for that signature MUTEMATH sound will be pleased with the array of new writing featured on “Vitals”, once again challenged with complex melodies & rhythms and comforted by simple and succulent lyricism.

All in all, if we at The Broken Chord can do anything to promote solid musicians (such as these guys) who work with everything they have emotionally and physically–we will sleep with full hearts at night.



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