Biffy Clyro “Similarities” (14th Floor Records, 2014)

Scotland has produced many a talented artist, but none compare to the aggressively artistic rock band Biffy Clyro. Together since 1995, this trio has been making seriously good music, both on the stage and in the studio. With 10 studio recordings (6 albums & 4 B-Side compilation albums), several other singles, and 2 live recordings under their belts, this band is no stranger to releasing strong material. With soaring and anthemic vocals/guitar by lead singer Simone Neil, coupled with the steady and strong bass & drums by twin brothers James & Ben Johnston, these three know how to leave fans feeling like they’ve been hit by a tornado, minus the total destruction: emotionally & musically wind-whipped but fully determined and inspired to carry on with more fervour than ever.Biffy-Clyro

“Similarities” was released in July of 2014, a collection of B-sides off the back of their incredibly strong double album “Opposites”, released in 2013. Along with their most recent compilations, they have released “Lonely Revolutions” in 2010 after the solid “Only Revolutions” in November 2009, as well as “Missing Pieces” in April 2009 , after their release into mainstream with “Puzzle” in 2007. The fact that albums as strong as these are b-side tracks that didn’t quite make the cut, only proves the writing ferocity of this band.

With a very ‘live-show’ presence throughout “Similarities”, listeners will feel like they’re at one of their live performances, watching the band run around shirtless, covered in tattoos, pouring their very souls into the music. This is not an easy sound for bands to replicate off the stage, but Biffy Clyro has this down to a science, and it works very, very well. 20937

Stand-out tracks include: “The Rain“, which gently lours the listeners in before dissipating all of their expectations on the next track “Thundermonster“, which shows off their signature well-crafted and executed mix of stacked guitars that Neil & Johnston have perfected. “Milky” & “Finger hut” showcase the band’s ability to weave in complex rhythms within catchy riffs that the average listener will enjoy, but the avid rhythm seeker will adore.  “A Tragic World Record” & “Fingers & Toes” highlight infectious pop melodies, dripping with that unmistakeable guitar overdrive & solid rhythm section, along with Neil’s soaring, piercing vocals. The tone of his voice cuts through the heavy nature of their sound, and compliments the overall sound perfectly. There’s nothing quite like Neil’s thick Scottish accent–and it certainly gives them a uniqueness that sets them apart from other alternative bands on the scene.


Fans are anticipating a new album release sometime later in 2015, and with writing as strong as their last two albums & paired compilations, they won’t be disappointed. Mon the Biff !


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